Cheers to the weekend!

Another beautiful day, and what goes hand in hand with a beautiful day? Patio season! For today’s outing we went to Mothers, a restaurant that opened up in May. Since we have been to pretty much every restaurant in our area AND it was a beautiful day, we decided to check out their patio. Quick review, the food was delicious, the service was incredible and I highly recommend it!








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DYI Thursdays: Fun and easy wall decor!

Hi everyone!

Lately I have been crafting a lot. Today I want to show you a canvas that I am planning to hang up in my room. It was really easy to make. There are 3 steps: Tape it, paint it and peal it!


What do you need?

A canvas of your choice. This is the one I used, it cost $3 at my local dollar store. You also need paint, I ended up using paint that I had left over from my previous project.


First step: Tape it. You can do this however you want, I did not plan where I was going to place mine ahead of time.


Second step: Paint it. Paint  within the lines of the tape, make sure to press the tape down firmly or the paint will bleed through.

Thirst step: Peal it and voila!


And that’t it! It’s a simple project to work on. A couple suggestions, let the paint dry before you add your second coat. I also recommend paint sealer so the paint doesn’t bleed through, I did not use any therefore I had to re-do some of the shapes that bled through.  That’s it for todays DIY, I hope you enjoyed it, if you end up trying it out, let me know how it turned out!  Thanks for stopping by!


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DIY Thursdays: De-potting candle jars

Hi everyone!

For today’s DIY, I am going to write about how I depot my candles. There are two ways you can do this, the first way is what I did and the second way is by running the jar under hot water. I’ll explain both, but first, let me show you how I de-pot my jars by freezing them. There aren’t many steps involved. I stuck the candle you see below in my freezer over night.

20140528-201521-72921992.jpgI then took a knife and carved around the edges, once I did that, I put the jar upside down and the wax came out.

20140528-201522-72922231.jpgOnce I got rid of the wax, I cleaned the jar with warm water and used a cloth to get rid of the residue. I also ran the bottom of the jar under hot water to get rid of the sticker.

What do I do with my empty jars?

Since I love nail polish, I store my go to nail polishes in one of my jars. I also like to store bracelets and necklaces for decoration. The great thing about this project is that you can customize it however you like.

Besides jewellery and nail polish, I tend to reach for my cotton balls a lot when removing makeup. This is a great way to store your cotton balls. Since these jars don’t take up too much space, I leave one in my bathroom for convenience.  If you guys want to see different ways to decorate jars, leave them in the comments below and I will make a post on it!


I mentioned earlier that there is a second way to de-potting your candle jars. If you don’t want to put it in the freezer all you have to do is run it under warm water for about half an hour. It depends on how long the it takes the wax to loosen up. Once  the wax loosens, take a knife to carve out the edges and pop the wax out. Clean the jar with warm water and a cloth.

Both ways work fine, I found putting the jar in the freezer caused less mess when removing the wax. That’s all for today, let me know if you found this DIY helpful!

Every Thursday I’m going to try and post a DIY, I’m hoping to make this a regular thing since I love to craft!

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Another day at the park :)

The world that she lives in is just magical, one of the most beautiful places I’ve ever seen.

-Camilla Belle
Another beautiful day, of course I went on a photo session and made my wonderful boyfriend come along.  We did get the chance to walk around and enjoy the scenery before taking all these pictures.
Once again, I used my iphone 5s camera and none of these photos have been edited.
QOTD: What is your favourite thing to do on a beautiful summer day?


















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DIY Mason jars for decor!

20140521-203813-74293691.jpgYou can find the acrylic paint at your local store, I bought the purple acrylic from Dollarama and the baby blue acrylic paint from Walmart for $1.99. The chalkboard paint was from Michaels for $1.97. The mason jars were also from Michaels and they were on sale for $1.99, all Canadian pricing. I forgot to include the sandpaper in this picture, if you want to make your jars distressed, use sandpaper, mine was 100, not too strong. You can find sandpaper at any hardware store, mine was $3.97


I’m sure there are many ways you can make these, but this is how I made it. This is a fun and simple project to do with your friends and family. It’s a great gift to give someone or even to spruce up your bedroom. I created this for my bedroom, I’m currently re-doing my bedroom (finally).  If you end up making these, let me know how they turned out!

First step: Apply chalkboard paint

In this picture, I only used one coat. I didn’t like how that looked so I added about three more coats. The chalkboard  paint gives the acrylic paint a matte finish look. Make sure to let the paint try between each coat. Once I was done applying the coats, I let the jar dry overnight.


Step two: Apply acrylic paint.

I applied about 4 coats,  once again make sure the paint is dry before applying the second one. Once you are done, let the jar dry over night or at least until the paint is completely dry.

The last step is to distress  the jar by using sandpaper. You can skip this look if you want to keep the jars the way they are. I personally like the vintage look it gives it.

Once you are done you can use the jars for whatever you would like. I wanted to use them as vases,  I bought fake flowers from Walmart which turned out really nice.


20140521-203814-74294826.jpg 20140521-203815-74295674.jpg

You can always add decorations to you jar, I chose not to. I might add some ribbons in the future. But yeah, that’s it! They are really  easy to make!

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Great weather, good food!

Hi everyone!

We are finally having good weather here in good ol Kitchener Ontario. Since It was a beautiful day, my boyfriend and I decided to head out for lunch. We ended up going to a Boston Pizza that opened up in our area. The cool thing about this restaurant, is that right next to it there is a bowling alley. It’s a great place to either go bowling then have dinner or vice versa.



y favourite food at Boston Pizza is the Buffalo Chicken Sandwich. It’s super delicious. If you love spicy foods, I suggest you try it. It’s extra spicy! ( You can also ask them to tone down the spice)


This is my boyfriend, Travers Thompson. We have been dating for almost 4 years now, ( Anniversary is in June!) The funny thing about him is that he does not mind posing for pictures…..20140510-191202.jpg
However, when I try to get one of me and him, he always puts on a funny face.  Even though it’s not the best picture, it still makes me laugh and I appreciate a good laugh :)

We had a great day, it’s moments like this that I treasure the most. We don’t get to spend a lot of quality time together, so when we do, we try to make it as special as possible.

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