Addiction of the day-Food Diary

I’m going through a pierogi addiction, I swear it’s a real thing! It’s really simple to make if you are looking for something quick to eat. I defrost them in the microwave for about 30 seconds. (Grate cheese in the meantime). Try to keep the heat on low or the oil will burn. I keep mine on medium-low, once both sides are golden, I add some cheese on the top. If you don’t want to add the cheese when the pierogies are on the pan, you can also add the cheese at the end and pop it into the microwave for a couple of seconds.
TIP: If you are as obsessed with cheese as I am, spread it  on the plate, that way when you place the pierogi on the plate, the cheese will melt and stick to it.  Simple and delicious! Thanks for stopping by!

Homemade bowtie pasta- Food diary

Such a simple recipe to make. I was having a lazy day today, I didn’t want to make anything too complicated. All you need for this recipe: pasta, sauce and cheese. That’s it! Cook the pasta, grate the cheese, once that’s done, use any sort of casserole pan. I first put one layer of sauce, then pasta, cheese and repeat. I put it in the oven for about 10 minutes. And bam! You can use any kind of pasta or any type of cheese!

All things beautiful


I went into Home Sense today with my mother, and let’s just say I got carried away. All their spring/summer items were finally available for purchase. Everything looked absolutely beautiful. Of course I had to snap some photos of some of my favourite items. Home Sense is one of my favourite stores because they sell everything you can think of. Their prices can be expensive but the quality is amazing! 


Let it bloom


I’m loving this weather, this past winter was terrible and now I can finally go outside, enjoy the weather and take beautiful pictures along the way. The photos below were taken right outside my house. What is your favourite thing to do in the summer? Thanks for stopping by!


A little homemade-Food Diary

Last night I decided to make pizza, and then I felt bad about eating pizza so I justified it buy making a salad. Since I am photo crazy, I snapped a few shots. Don’t they look delicious?! QOTD: What is your guilty pleasure?  


A beautiful sunset

We are finally experiencing good weather and there’s no where I would rather be than at a beach or lake. My boyfriend and I took a short trip to Hamilton, we got there just in time for a beautiful sunset. Of course, I decided to snap some photos along the way. :)

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Photo shoot: Baby Summar-Iphone Photography


Hi everyone!

Today I decided to put away my DSLR camera and use my iphone 5s to shoot a couple of shots of my niece Summar. I know a lot of people don’t consider iphone photography ” real” photography, but I say why not? Why not get creative with the resources you already have and see what you can come up with? This shoot was not planned, which made it that much more interesting. I used props that I already had in my room, the flowers, the canvas and the bear were sitting on my desk. Shoots like these allow you to get creative with the resources you already have.

There are many benefits to taking photos on your iphone, it’s easier to lug around, its lighter to hold and you can whip it out anywhere you are to capture that special moment. Also, there are many apps that you can use to edit your photos, I used Afterlife, you can adjust the brightness, contrast, hues. You can sharpen, clarify and add borders, there’s a lot you can do with this app. If you are looking for an easy way to edit your photos, I suggest Afterlife.





QOTD: Have you tried shooting on your smartphone? What are some of your favourite editing apps?

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DIY: Photo wall art canvas

I worked on a fun project this last week. I’ve always wanted to take all my favourite photos and put them on a canvas. Now I can display my favourite photos in my room.IMG_7882

What you need:
-Canvas 12×16-$3 at Dollarama
-Photos: I printed mine from Instagram at a local Walmart and then trimmed the photos to fit the canvas.
-Glue and sealer. I bought mod podge
-Some sort of brush to spread the glue. Bought mine from the dollar store