Quick post

Hi guys.

I received a couple of emails regarding the pricing/sizing that I am offering at this time. I figured it would be easier to make one post so everyone can read it. ( Click the photo below to view my gallery)


Product sizes/prices

Below are the prices and sizes that my photos are available for. All photos will be printed on high quality paper.

If you are curious about the quality of the Polaroid style prints (3″x3) I am willing to send you 2 free photos in that size, just shoot me an e-mail :)

  1. 3″x3 ” ( Polaroid style, .25 cents)
  2. 2.5″x2.5 ( Magnets, $2.00)
  3. 4″x6” (.50 cents)
  4. 8″x”10 ($3.00)
  5. 8″x10″ Framed ($25)

If you are interested in any other sizes, please e-mail me at suadyassin@gmail.com.

Thank you!

xo Sue


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