The Mandarin

Hi everyone!

One of my all time favorite buffet restaurants to eat at is The Mandarin. It’s one of those restaurants where you have to be really hungry in order to enjoy the food. I don’t go there unless I know I am going to be eating a lot. The price can be on the extensive side but depending on the time you go it can also be reasonable. The service is really good, the staff are super friendly, they are always smiling and look happy to be there. To me customer service is really important, and I base my tips on how well the service is.  The first two photos is what what you see when you walk in. Even though the weather was terrible today (so much for Spring) I appreciated this palm tree, it kind of made me feel like it was Spring.
After ordering my drink, I like to go straight towards the rice and noodles. I don’t think I have ever been to the Mandarin without loading up on the rice/noodles. Btw the only reason this picture is dark is because I was trying to be sneaky with my picture taking, it’s kind of awkward when you are the only one taking pictures. It didn’t stop me though!    20140322-181651.jpg


Besides the actual food, dessert is my favorite part. They do offer sugar free cheesecakes/squares and those are what I usually gravitate to. Since I am Diabetic I can’t have too much sweets but for the sake of this post I decided to include some dessert photos. Their presentation is quite amazing.

20140322-181659.jpg 20140322-181719.jpg 20140322-181728.jpg

I also really love their fruit selection. Their watermelons and pineapples are delicious. Always fresh and juicy!

20140322-181710.jpgBefore we pay, we always get fortune cookies. Till this day I always get excited to read mine. The one above is mine and the one below it is my boyfriends. His was quite accurate which made things funny.

20140322-181757.jpgSo yeah, that’s the end of this post, if you get the chance to go to this restaurant, I highly recommend you check it out. It’s delicious and affordable ( Lunch and weekends)  What is your favorite restaurant?

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