DYI Thursdays: Fun and easy wall decor!

Hi everyone!

Lately I have been crafting a lot. Today I want to show you a canvas that I am planning to hang up in my room. It was really easy to make. There are 3 steps: Tape it, paint it and peal it!


What do you need?

A canvas of your choice. This is the one I used, it cost $3 at my local dollar store. You also need paint, I ended up using paint that I had left over from my previous project.


First step: Tape it. You can do this however you want, I did not plan where I was going to place mine ahead of time.


Second step: Paint it. Paint  within the lines of the tape, make sure to press the tape down firmly or the paint will bleed through.

Thirst step: Peal it and voila!


And that’t it! It’s a simple project to work on. A couple suggestions, let the paint dry before you add your second coat. I also recommend paint sealer so the paint doesn’t bleed through, I did not use any therefore I had to re-do some of the shapes that bled through.  That’s it for todays DIY, I hope you enjoyed it, if you end up trying it out, let me know how it turned out!  Thanks for stopping by!


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