A lush FINALLY opened at my local mall! I’ve been waiting for about a month for this store to open. Beyond excited, I made a promise to my best friend that I would not go without her. Today we finally both had the day off from work so we went. First impressions: The store was much larger than I thought it was going to be. Usually when a new store opens, it’s always smaller than the ones in Toronto, off the bat I was really excited. They seemed to have a good range of products. The location in Toronto definitely had a lot more bath bombs, but it looks like my store is carrying all the popular products. In terms of price, I found the bubble bath products to be more expensive than the bath bombs. I stuck to only purchasing bath bombs for now. I know its cheaper to break the bubble bath melts, that way you can get more use out of them. The staff seemed really friendly, there was only one lady that wasn’t too pleased when my friend asked her to cut a fresh piece. One of the soaps wasn’t wrapped up and we saw at least 20 people touching it and rubbing it on their skin, to me that doesn’t seem sanitary. Besides that It was a pleasant experience, there’s soooo much to try and I am excited to try them all out.

I didn’t really have the chance to check out their hair care products, the store was really busy. If anyone has any recommendations, please let me know! Any products you think I should try? Leave them in the comments below. Hope you all had a good weekend! 



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