If you want trouble…find yourself a red head

Sunday was a full day of sessions. I got the opportunity to photograph this lovely lady below. I’m not going to lie, the first thing I noticed when I saw her was her red hair. I instantly got excited. After a few shots indoors, we took it outside. It was a cold foggy day which made the photos that much better. For the shots below, we had her stand in front of a tree. I was not anticipating the contrast between her hair and the trees to come out this way. I was genuinely surprised when I started editing.  All in all, I’m completely in love with how these shots turned out!


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Photo challenge: Fall

Hi everyone,

Since I love fall so much, I decided to host a photo challenge for this month. The theme (you guessed it) is fall. The winner will receive a 11×14 print out of their winning photo.

Challenge Rules

  • Theme: Fall
  • Up to three submissions are allowed
  • Open internationally
  • Legal age/guardian permission
  • Last day of submission is November 29th 2013


E-mail your photo to syassin@hotmail.ca

Thank you!

Random Rambles: iPhone photography

Hi everyone!

I’m sure those of you who have been following my blog for some time now already  know that I am obsessed with taking photos on my iphone. I’m the type of person who loves to express myself through my photography. Whether it be the weather or the scenery. Taking photos on my iphone allows me to capture those moments without having to carry around my Canon. Today I want to list some pros and cons of iphone photography and share some photos with you guys.


  • A lot of free camera apps
  • Your phone is lighter to carry than a DSLR camera
  • Easier to access ( whip it out from your pocket or purse)
  • Most smart phones have a good quality camera built it which allows you to capture sharp images
  • There are a lot of free editing tools available
  • Very easy process. Take photo, edit and share

Cons: I love using Instagram to edit my photos, but as you can see below, they do not turn out clean when enlarged. In order to use instagram, your photos  need to meet certain dimensions or the image will be cropped. Depending on the filter you use, some photos come out clear and some end up grainy. I have taken a lot of photos using instagram where people could not tell if I was using a real camera or my phone.  Another con would be depth of field, even though you can use certain apps to create the same “feel”, it’s not nearly the same. The pictures do not turn out quite as sharp and the “blurry” effect does not look as real as it would  if it was shot on a DSLR.

There are many more obvious reasons to why a professional camera is better than your camera phone, but if you are like me, and you like taking photos without having to plan exactly when and where to take it, iphone photography is perfect. It doesn’t matter where I am, if I find something beautiful or interesting, I want to be able to whip out my phone and capture that moment.

Question of the day: What are your thoughts on iphone photography? ( or any smart phone camera)






Here and there

Hi everyone,

Below are some photos I took over the past week on my iPhone. The weather has been really cold considering its supposed to be spring! I’m definitely ready for some warm weather 🙂

Question of the day:
What season do you like better winter or summer and why?
Thanks for stopping by!