Back to school is around the corner!

So excited for these sessions! Testing out a new lens for this session and oh boy did they turn out great. I hope you are all enjoying the last days of summer!

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If you want trouble…find yourself a red head

Sunday was a full day of sessions. I got the opportunity to photograph this lovely lady below. I’m not going to lie, the first thing I noticed when I saw her was her red hair. I instantly got excited. After a few shots indoors, we took it outside. It was a cold foggy day which made the photos that much better. For the shots below, we had her stand in front of a tree. I was not anticipating the contrast between her hair and the trees to come out this way. I was genuinely surprised when I started editing.  All in all, I’m completely in love with how these shots turned out!


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First session of 2017


I’m excited to share my first session of 2017. The lovely lady below wanted portraits taken because she’s never had any professionally done. When she contacted me I was very excited because I love taking portraits in the winter. We were really lucky this day, the sun was shining,  the air was crisp and the location we shot at was quiet.

Rae was shy at first but once I got her talking, she became more comfortable. When I first meet a client, right off the bat, I let them know that this is supposed to be a fun experience for them, I want them to feel comfortable and to also trust me. At the end of the session she told me that she had a great time and that I made her feel at ease. I was really happy to hear that! Below are some of the shots from that day!

QOTD: Do you enjoy shooting outdoors in the winter and do you have any new year resolutions? Mine is to book as many outdoor sessions as I can and to blog more often!


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Photos of the day: Edits

Hi everyone,

I’m having a hard time choosing between the two photos below. I’m planning to make it into a card and give it to my friend for her birthday.  Help me choose one and feel free to let me know why you chose it.

Thanks in advance!

xo Sue


Goodbye Summer

Hi everyone,

The pictures below were taken just before it started getting cold where I live. It was a beautiful day, me and my friend decided to explore our town and have dinner after. All these pictures were taken with my iphone. Enjoy 🙂









20120916-235502.jpgIf you have any questions feel free to ask!

Question of the day: What was your favorite part of summer?