When there’s a snow storm

What’s not to love about a beautiful winter storm? When I woke up that morning, my first thought was “I MUST capture this beauty” My boyfriend thought it was ridiculous that I wanted to go out in -10 weather, but why not? Luckily, I have a fellow photographer who also loves to spontaneously freeze while capturing one of nature’s most  beautiful scenes. Once we arrived, I could not believe how beautiful the snow and trees looked

Our goal was to run out, snap some photos and run back to the car, instead we ended up wondering through the conservation park snapping photos. We couldn’t pass it up. ( yes I was freezing but it was worth it)

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December: Day 9

Hi everyone, here is my photo for today. This photograph was taken at a near by forest on my walk today. Since it was windy out, it took me a couple of tries to achieve the affect that I wanted. Overall I think it turned out great.

I did not edit/ alter this picture at all. It was taken with my iphone 4s.

I hope everyone is having a wonderful day!

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xo Sue